Steve Arsenault - Club Sport Mayor


I spend most of my days trying to run the business end of Club Sport.  That usually includes maintaining a great relationship with all of our Parks Depts making sure we have places to play, finding and creating new opportunities, marketing the leagues to make sure they stay filled and fun, working with refs to make sure officials know our rules and provide a fun experience for all, setting up amazing events like Bar Olympics, Field Day, Pub Crawls and oh so much more!  


For more information, contact me at (954) 589-2180 x301 or email me at


Adrian Rodriguez - Director of Fun


I'm in charge of making sure leagues get off the ground and the start of your season is amazing. You'll be hearing from me and seeing me around the fields to make sure things are running smoothly.


Most of my days are filled with making calls to get you signed back up, checking with staff to make sure everyone is set each night for operations, setting up your schedule for the season and dropping off gear at each facility if needed. 


For more information, contact me at (954) 589-2180 x303 or email me at