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Virus update 12/17/20


The skies are blue and some sports are coming back.  The current situation is as follows: 

Broward County - Softball and kickball have started back at Sunview Park. 

Opeing in January are Tradewinds Park and Brian Piccolo:  That means soccer, flag football and kickball will be coming back for January.  Central Broward remains closed after 7pm.  We are currently looking for other field space (INTER MIAMI FC practice field) to move some soccer leagues to while Central Broward Park remains closed.  They currently do not have staff to keep the facility open and are still a testing site.  So they are stretched thin. 

Basketball facilities remain closed but looks like Somerset Key Academy in Deerfield will be reopening in January.  We are awaiting word on Salvation Army.  


Miami Dade County has opened up all except basketball facilities.  We are working to bring back Miami Beach leagues and open new opportunities for players.    


Keep watching for updates.  We will be reaching out to teams and leagues who are close to getting started to reassure teams are a go and along with going over COVID guidelines.  


To see if your specific league is restarting, check your online schedule. If we know a solid restart date, the schedule will be updated and will be live online. If your schedule is offline, we have not received any word on when we can restart. Please be patient.


We realize this is a difficult time for all teams and players, trying to balance staying safe with the desire to stay active. Club Sport is instituting a policy, effective and until further notice, to try to give teams and players the most flexibility possible while still maintaining the integrity of each individual league.


Teams, as a whole, can choose at any time during the season to remove themselves from the league should they feel the need either due to perceived safety, illness, or change in circumstances. Should a team notify Club Sport office staff that they wish to be taken off the schedule, the listed captain will receive a percent credit of the original payment good for future seasons based on the number of games remaining in the regular season. This credit will not expire. 


Under certain circumstances, upon the direction of the captain, this credit can be distributed to individual team members. 


For free agent or individually paid teams without a captain, individual players may remove themselves and request the partial credit. Should the team fall below needed minimums, Club Sport will attempt to fill the team with willing players.


Credit will not be given for any games where notice is received less than 24 hours prior to gametime (notice must be given on Friday for Sunday leagues). 


Note that due to this ongoing policy, schedule and game times can and will change often, week to week. Club Sport will communicate all schedule changes to all affected players as soon as possible.


Teams that paid a team payment may add players to their roster over the roster maximum at no cost until further notice. The $10 player addition will be waived during this crisis.


Rosters will still be locked during playoffs, however requests for exceptions can be made 24 hours in advance to the office should a team have issues fielding a playoff team.


It is our desire to offer leagues to those wishing to play in as safe an environment as possible. We will still be abiding by our COVID guidelines ( Most importantly, if you or any teammates test positive, are sick, display symptoms, or have had close contact with anyone testing positive we require they refrain from attending any games until meeting clearance guidelines set forth by the CDC.


We will continue to pause or restart leagues as directed by the facilities and municipalities governing the locations we play at. Club Sport cares deeply about its players and staff and hope together we will return to normal operations shortly. 


Thank you!


Club Sport