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Virus update 6/20/20


Club Sport has been closely monitoring the coronavirus situation and its impact on our leagues and business. At this time we will be slowly restarting leagues as local regulations allow and facilities open. We still plan on restarting all leagues from the point they left off at and finishing all seasons in progress. New Summer leagues are open for registration however published start dates could (and will) change depending on when we can finish current seasons.


To see if your specfic league is restarting, check your online schedule. If we know a solid restart date, the schedule will be updated and will be live online. If your schedule is offline, we have not received any word on when we can restart. Please be patient.


Broward - County Executive Order has been passed to allow leagues to begin play.  I'm sure some have heard of Mills Pond Park starting back up.  We have been contacting CBRP, Tradewinds, Piccolo and Sunview Parks.  At this time, they are allowing league play up until 7:30pm.  As you can guess, this doens't help us with our games from 7-10pm.  But they are working to ensure protocols are being put in place to ensure safety of play and then will update the time back to normal 10pm.  At this time we do not have a date.  However, we are getting space for the weekends and will be posting some new league opportunities or even new "pick-up" games for soccer, flag football and kickball.  Basketball at the Salvation Army and Deerfield Beach are in the works, but no timeframe set on when they will allow us back to play.  


Miami & Miami Dade County - No timeframe has been set by the county or city mayors to allow recreation back at the fields.  As soon as we have more information, we will communicate directly with those leagues.  Expectation as of now is moving towards the end of July to early August return. 


Captains and free agents in leagues that are set to restart will receive an email with these dates as well as options for their players. The vast majority are itching to get back out there and play, but we understand not everyone may be comfortable returning right away. Know that all steps will be taken to make sure leagues are as safe as possible. We have these plans detailed in our COVID Guidelines here: 


We encourage the entire Club Sport communnity to help solve this crisis and still practice "Social Distancing". Please adhear to all suggested regulations as this will greatly help this come to a quick, positive resolution. 


Like many small businesses in our area, this will have a drastic impact on our business, our employees, and our field staff, more so than any other time in our 19 years. We will communicate any changes or updates in our league schedules as they happen.


You and your family are encouraged to stay safe, healthy, and positive. We can't wait to see you back on the field/court/sand/diamond and have fun playing sports and being social again. 



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